kn95 face mask machine


update the mirror design

yesterday, we had building the mirror sketch up ;

but the sharp not satisfy by myself;

so , i am think how make the style looks fashion more ;

see below picuture

it’s make the printer in the middle ;

the touch screen at back for printer and chose your picture , flash light on top ,and the vent heatsink is waterproof ; i want all waterproof, but have no more ideal now

new photo booth mirror

today, we search on the google for mirror photo booth ;

seems many booth style , but it’s many sperate the printer and the mirror , or the mirror front make wood frame; looks old class ;

but i would like morden, and fashion , so , design no edge and led light in front with unti press glass and touch mirror;

the back need one box can be support the mirror a little angle, and the printer must be easy get photos when the people finished his post;

see this picture;

32in mirror

looks it’s easy moveable by air roadcase ;

let’s think more about it ;


19 inch open frame monitor fabrication

today, we have a project for 19 in open frame monitor fabrication ;

the client show me drawing ;looks design as well ;

19 inch open frame fabrication
19 inch open frame drawing

the hole mark A , B , C one by one , and the material ,surface tech demand list clear;

but when i open it to fabrication , fond the some hole too close the bend edge ; almost stuck the tool ;

the monitor frame bend stuck with the hole

so, the client kindly discuss and advise the hole move up more 1.2mm ,

i am not sure it’s can solved it , try to make it first ;

the back design looks good , the interface IO plate can be replace when the motherboard changed

the flat bend drawing spent my 2 hours ; it’s terrible ; because the bend edge many cut to different sharp, so, NX cant’ recognize it ,

finally, the extend drawing as below ;

Mini ITX PC with dedicate GTX card

In my workroom , the drawing design upgrade 10 times, the sample update 3 times,

because i have only drawing the chassis, but this mini ITX structure ultra thin, so, many stuck interference problem need to solve,

Finally, we make it easy assemble and open , the material from spcc to SUS 201, but the color hard to red game style, who can help ? thanks

anyway, if you are Fan and enjoy this field, i would share my drawing and design with technical production with you

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